The significance of our services

The individuals at Business & Rural Development company distinguish themselves through their professionalism, expertise, scientific competence, and extensive years of experience. With utmost respect for the needs of our customers, we offer specialized support and consulting services for businesses and organizations. 

The company Business and Rural Development was established in September 2016 and is engaged in providing specialized support and consulting services for businesses and organizations. It is a company that addresses the modern needs of businesses. by offering integrated services to support their day-to-day operations and facilitate development in a dynamic economic environment. Recognizing the necessity to adapt to competitive advancements, we offer a comprehensive array of specialized support and consulting services tailored to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. We offer support for business operations, business development, and insurance consulting services. We stand as your steadfast partner throughout every step of the journey!

Investment Project Management
  • Apply for Funding/Affiliation.

  • Evaluate Investment Plans.

  • Identify Funding Sources.

  • Conduct Economic Studies.

  • Support and Monitor the Implementation of Investment Plans.

Business Consulting
  • Organization of Businesses and Organizations.

  • Elaboration of a Business Plan.

  • Development of Innovations.

  • Studies of Quality Management Systems.

  • Business Restructuring – Functional and Organizational Redesign.

  • Debt Settlements and Bank Liability Management.

Farmer Support
  • OSDE Declarations.

  • Transfers of Rights.

  • Development of Improvement Plans.

  • Formation of Producer Groups and Organizations.

  • Investment Consulting.

Taxation and Accounting Services
  • Accounting Services for Businesses.

  • Consulting on Tax Matters.

  • Assistance with Business Start-ups and Conversions.

  • Payroll and Labor Services.

  • Preparation of Individual Tax Returns.

  • Arrangements and Allowances.

Insurance Products
  • Health, Home, and Vehicle Insurance.

  • Personal/Professional Civil Liability.

  • Business Insurance.

  • Group Insurance Plans.

  • Savings Programs.